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At Encompass Accounting & Tax, we help construction companies stay competitive and pay strict attention to the fundamentals: strategic business planning, improving your tax position, and sustaining cash flow. The construction industry is characterized by swings in profit margins, available work, cash flows, and labor availability – all of which can have a substantial impact on your company’s profits. Additionally, as industry regulations increase and become more stringent, the cost of compliance will likely continue to grow. At Encompass Accounting & Tax we provide a broad range of accounting and tax services to contractors and sub-contractors of all sizes. 



Encompass Accounting & Tax has extensive experience in a wide array of industries, especially those with more rigid regulatory requirements. With a strong base of clients in the medical field, including a variety of doctors and dental offices, we are committed to helping you achieve financial success within your medical practice. Our trained staff understands the challenges that physicians and dental professionals face within their respective industries, such as increasing costs, healthcare reform, and decreasing reimbursements. Thus, we provide you with industry-specific business expertise and work with you throughout the year to deliver the tools, resources, and ideas you need to build and maintain a thriving practice.

We provide robust and efficient financial and accounting solutions that allow you to focus on what’s important—your patients and your practice. With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we are intimately familiar with your day-to-day operations, overhead structure, billing routines, staffing requirements, and much more. Our experienced professionals will provide insightful feedback, breaking down complex data into practical terms to help you make intelligent business decisions. Through careful planning and analysis, together we will determine your needs and create a personalized service package to keep you on track toward a more profitable practice.



At Encompass Accounting & Tax, we understand that both commercial and residential property management companies deal with a unique set of real estate accounting issues. We offer extensive knowledge of Yardi - Genesis2 and Voyager 7 software. We help your staff use the software, so you can focus on tax minimization strategies, comprehensive financial reporting and reliable business advisory services to both residential and commercial property managers.

At Encompass Accounting & Tax, we have the experience required to accurately determine what deductions you qualify for and will develop a comprehensive plan to limit your tax liability. We’ll guarantee your real estate business is keeping the proper tax records and taking advantage of all the available tax credits you qualify for under current IRS guidelines. Our real estate accounting and tax services are offered at reasonable rates to residential and commercial property managers throughout California and beyond. 



Whether selling goods at the wholesale or the retail level, Encompass Accounting & Tax has the knowledge and experience to help you grow. It’s no secret that when you sell more and spend less doing it, profits rise. But accomplishing both can sometimes feel elusive. Our team of professionals work for you as consultants, providing an independent perspective to assist you in refining your plan for success, managing your books and executing your payroll. Whether your company sells to a few locations or a few thousand, Encompass Accounting & Tax has the resources to help you get to the next level. Find out how we can help you by requesting a free consultation through our website or by calling 909-921-6960.